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What We Do

What we do

The Business Place model is unique in that it is strategically developed to address the needs of the Local Economy and Business Environment. It brings together many of the diverse local stakeholders representing all tiers of government, community and corporate organisations which are committed to the common vision of building an Entrepreneurial Society.
The cluster concept ensures there is a network of Service Providers, Networking Organisations and Community-Based Organisations all tenanted under one roof. Partner tenants are selected according to the quality of their services, their sustainability, service-oriented approach and contribution to The Business Place’s strategy and overall philosophy.

The Business Place – Nelson Mandela Bay (TBP-NMB) is a friendly, accessible, walk-in environment where aspiring and existing entrepreneurs can go to access information and support on how to start and grow small businesses. TBP-NMB is a promoter and champion of entrepreneurial activity.

Our walk-in Center offers, among other initiatives, the following services:

  • Business Health check (Assessment) whereby we identify deficiencies – and implement interventions to address these deficiencies:
    • Training;
    • Information Sessions;
    • Workshops;
    • Networking Sessions.
    • Internet access for registered entrepreneurs – for business and idea generation;
    • Coaching/mentorship;
    • Supply Chain Compliance and registration support;
    • Central Supplier Database (National Treasury – CSD) registration support;
    • Tendering workshops;
    • Funding Facilitation;
    • Business support – by our on-site partner PSG & Associates:
      • Book keeping
      • Taxation; and
      • Advisory services (Business Registrations, Secretariat, Payroll & HR)