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Invest in TBP

Invest in TBP

Partnering for real entrepreneurial impact

For entrepreneurs in South Africa to realise their full potential, they need the ongoing support of a team of experts – who can lead, guide and assist them to unlock their real potential.

Your organisation is invited to become part of this critical process – by support Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) leaders, the Business Place Network



Working together…
Bringing together partners, enables entrepreneurs to achieve their vision of success. The Business Place Network offers you a means to channel your Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) or Corporate Social Investment (CSI) spend sustainably and responsibly to achieve impactful results.
Our unique one-stop integral multi-agency SMME support network model has been rolled-out across the country, offering everything from Business Assessments, Training and Workshops, all the way through to Tendering Advice, Supply Chain Linkages, and actual support services for SMMEs.


Core services offered to entrepreneurs include:

  • Co-ordinated Business Support;
  • Incubation;
  • Mentorship;
  • Market Linkages;
  • Funding Facilitation;
  • Supply Chain Development and Integration.

The Business Place also assists entrepreneurs by providing Tendering Workshops, assisting them to unlock opportunities in the public and private sector.



The solution…
We do not have time for SMMEs to follow the traditional route of SMME incubation.

We do not have the luxury of being able to wait for SMMEs to step forward.

We have to:

  • Discover them
  • Understand them
  • Unlock their vision and potential
  • Reveal the power of doing business ethically and ac countably
  • Empower them with skills and relevant experience
  • Enable them through strategic partnerships
  • Unlock appropriate funding
  • Channel their efforts to get them to market
  • Challenge them to give back
  • Support them throughout the process.


The opportunity:
The Business Place Network is currently looking for sponsorship partners to assist the organisation to grow.

Your partnership with the organisation could take the form of:

  • The allocation of your ESD spend or a portion thereof.
  • The allocation of a portion of your CSI spend.
  • Sponsorship of a specific number of entrepreneurs making use of the The Business Place Network’s services.

The benefits of this partnership would be:

  • Improved BBBEE Scorecard from CSI and ESD.
  • Association with like-minded entities.
  • Involvement with Community Development Initiatives.
  • Access to sponsorship events and activities in line with entrepreneurship.
  • Access to credible SMMEs to include in your Supply Chain.
  • Access to marketing and Business Development opportunities through SMMEs.
    We look forward to partnering with you to grow the capacity and competency of entrepreneurs across the country.

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