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Funding Facilitation

Funding Facilitation

SMME Funding is facilitated on behalf of our SMMEs by our Funding Facilitators.

The role of the Funding Facilitation is:

  • To facilitate, track and report on the funding process for TBP-NMB clients; and
  • To create focused engagement with key stakeholders ensuring the process of Fund Facilitation has added value to the SMME ecosystem.

TBP-NMB does not fund SMME’s directly – we get you to a state of Financial Compliance to be in a position to solicit funding.


SMMEs in need of funding, to unlock and realize salient growth or business opportunities, are assisted in gaining access to funding beyond traditional finance structures.

This includes access to Private Equity and Venture Capita, Commercial Lending, Structured Lending and Project and Development Finance.

The funding is secured from ecosystem players and managed by our internal administration team.

The management includes Governance Oversight, ensuring that beneficiaries present minimal risk for Investors.