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Agri Co-Operatives

Siyazisiza is a Non Profit Company based in Empangeni, Kwa Zulu Natal. Empangeni is a town situated in the north of Durban in the hilly countryside.

A total of eight farms were visited in the district in March 2017. Two were in Nkandla, one in Eshowe and five in Ulundi.

All farms specialise in vegetable production as their main source of farming. Poultry and herb farming are also practised, but on a much smaller scale.

Of the farmers. 79.5% are female with land areas of as small as 1 hectare to an area as big as 15 hectares.

The sole purpose of the visit was to conduct a Needs Assessment.

A Needs Assessment generally focuses on areas critical for co-operative functionality and sustainability, such as management structure, resource availability, legal compliance, market and land access, facilities and resources.

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